Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Once Upon a Time Palette

Okay, so I'm a ditz some days (more so than others - LOL) and totally forgot about posting this.

So......Dianna and I bring y'all

Once Upon a Time

The only limits are your own imaginations
Think castles, dragons, fairies, princes and princesses,
dwarfs, tuffets with muffet and spider, knights on white horses,
wobbly eggs on walls, beanstalks with golden-egged goose, etc.
Anything and everything

Hope y'all will join us and enjoy this one as much as we will

Deadline to sign up:  June 20th
Previews due in Yahoo photo album:  June 23rd
Train Departs:  June 25th

Link to join can be found on right side of blog toward top
or just click here

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